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It was never the government’s intention to make life miserable for operators through the CPC requirements. Quite to the contrary, the original regulations were implemented to improve what operators do by making their drivers fully competent to perform up to standards. That has not changed despite being six years into the programme.

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" I participated in the CPC Course run by Training Partners which was beneficial and well-presented and I was able to increase my knowledge efficiently "

" Training Partners is an awesome company, making the CPC course interesting and they work hard to ensure that everyone is engaged. They truly care about the importance that it has on drivers, and you can see that through the reflection of their attitudes. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to complete their CPC course. "

" Friendly, funny and serious. TPL highlight the importance of the course but also make sure you have a laugh in the meantime. Great team, Great price, and would strongly recommend. "

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